Technical equipment  
The Zanetti Stampi mechanical workshop is equipped with latest-generation machine tools, always up-to-date: No. 9 CNC milling machines, No. 6 high-speed machines (2 with rotating table), a recently acquired drilling machine with a rotary table.
No. 2 plunge EDM and wire EDM (wire EDM).


Zanetti Moulds knows the importance of the continuous control and constant monitoring throughout the production process. The staff takes care of Zanetti Dies in a careful and accurate even in the process of finishing the molds.

All molds are then further inspected and tested before each shipment. Zanetti’s customers appreciate the continued involvement of the technical team in the project, the availability of the study of the estimates, but in the same way also the special and accurate attention by the staff of the moulding and the final testing of samples.
Samples and prototypes are made on request.